Jamaica – VSAT Licence Application


The Spectrum Management Authority (the “SMA”) (see www.sma.gov.jm) oversees the licensing of VSAT in Jamaica.  The SMA issues earth station VSAT licences.  An application for an earth station VSAT licence can be found here:  http://www.sma.gov.jm/business/Forms/VSAT/EarthStationLicence_VSAT-Revised.pdf. 


The fee for application is J$10,000.  There is a spectrum fee of J$500,000.00, which is payable upon the grant of licence.



The following Question and Answer excerpted from the SMA’s website provide a useful summary of the licensing process:


Question:  What is the licensing process?



Identifying the spectrum (the available frequencies for a particular service by referring to the Table of Frequency Allocation and corresponding Allocation Chart).

Submitting a completed Application Form for License required.

Undergoing security clearance/checks by the SMA.

Evaluation of frequency to be assigned.

Recommendation for the grant of the licence.


If clarification is needed regarding any aspect of an Applicant's Application, the Applicant will be contacted in respect of resolving same before the SMA will deem it fit to issue the respective license.

Approval of License by Min. of Industry, Commerce & Technology.

Issuing of licence if all stipulated conditions have been satisfied (including payment of licence fees).


Excerpted from the SMA website at:  http://www.sma.gov.jm/licensing/obtaining_licence.htm. 


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