Canada – Licence for Use of Satellite Orbital Slot

In January 2004, Industry Canada published a paper in the Canada Gazette that invited interested persons to submit an expression of interest for the use of a satellite orbital slot in the 12 GHz satellite orbital positions.  This paper, entitled “Call for Interest in 12 GHz Broadcasting Satellite Orbital Position” (the “Call for Interest”), provided background information about policy considerations and the nature of the opportunity.  The Call for Interest outlined the expected conditions of licence.  It also included instructions for the submission of expressions of interest, and contained information about submission requirements and the procedures for the assignment of the positions.  A link to the Call for Interest is included below.


In September 2004, Industry Canada announced that it had selected Ciel Satellite Communications Inc. (“Ciel”) as the successful applicant for the available 12 GHz satellite orbital slot.  Industry Canada published the letter that it sent to Ciel, informing Ciel that it had been selected as the successful applicant.  This letter includes a number of attachments, including an attachment outlining the conditions of licence.  A link to this letter is set out below.




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