The Botswana Licensing Process

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The following summary of the licensing process in Botswana is taken from the Botswana Telecommunications Authority.



“Botswana Telecommunications Authority issues the following licences in accordance with the Telecommunication Act, 1996 (No.15 of 1996):

  • Telecommunication Service Licence issued under section 27 for providing telecommunication service (including cellular telephony, packet switched data services and paging services)
  • Telecommunication System Licence issued under section 28 for establishing telecommunication system.
  • Type approval certificate issued under section 21. All telecommunication equipment have to be type approved by the Authority.
  • Radio Licence issued under section 42. All radio transmitters have to be licensed whether operating or not.
  • Radio Dealer Licence issued under section 27 for all suppliers of radio equipment.

“Telecommunication Service Licensing Procedure

“The telecommunication market is segmented into various sub-categories such as Fixed, Cellular, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Satellite and Data etc. Other segments of the market are competitive while the others are still non-competitive. In non-competitive market the number of players is restricted. In the competitive market there is no limit on the number of players. The competitive markets are Internet Service Providers, Data service providers and paging services.  The Fixed telephone services and cellular service are currently non-competitive, the Authority will determine the licensing procedure on a case by case in future.”[1]


 [1] See the Botswana Telecommunications Authority.

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