Lithuania- Notification and General Authorizations


Editor’s Note:


The following information was adapted from ITU Trends in Telecommunications Reform – 2004/05:  Licensing in an Era of Convergence: The Case of Lithuania, (Geneva:  ITU, 2004) available at




The General Conditions of Engagement in Telecommunications Activities, contained in Order No. 176 of the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT), calls for service providers to notify the RRT when they begin or cease engaging in one of a certain set of listed activities, which include:


  • operation of a public telephone network or provision of public fixed telephone services;


  •  operation of a public mobile telephone network to provide public mobile telephone services, or the actual provision of public mobile telephone services; and


  •  provision of leased lines services.


All other activities can be provided freely without providing any information to the RRT.  Only Internet access service providers are required to periodically submit reports on their activities to the regulator.


Notifications can be completed using a form available on the RRT’s website.  The completed form is then signed by an authorized person, sealed and certified.  When notifications are submitted, the form must be accompanied by a set of documents specified in the Order.


After submitting the form to the regulator, the company can start offering services immediately. The regulator has seven days to confirm receipt of the notification and, if required, to request additional information.


Notifications are valid for an indefinite period.  The notification ends only when the operator or service provider notifies the RRT prior to terminating its telecommunication activity.  This is done by submitting a different notification form.






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