Nepal- Rural Services Licensing- 2003

 The following document is a Request for Applications (RFA) issued by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) in 2003.  The RFA invites applications for a licence to provide rural telecommunications services (“RTS”) in Nepal.  The RFA states that the NTA plans to issue one licence.  The successful licensee will be paid a one-time capital subsidy.  The RTS tender process includes a qualification stage.  Selection of the licensee is based, in part, on the lowest subsidy bid submitted.

This document outlines, among other things, the following:

  1. An Introduction, including a brief overview of the purpose of the RFA, a timetable for the RFA process and the address for correspondence with the NTA.
  2. Background Information about the Nepalese Telecommunications Sector, including information related to the geography and government structure of Nepal, the Nepal Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) network, the RTS policy and NTC rates, numbering, and other licences.
  3. Rights and Obligations of the Licensee, including information related to, inter alia, exclusivity, network roll-out requirements, RTS subsidy payments, service quality, interconnection, access to public and private lands, the term of the licence and spectrum allocation.
  4.  Instruction to the Applicants, including information related to, inter alia, the selection process, eligibility and qualification, content and format of the application, communications and requests for clarification, the cost of the application and bidding, the modification of the terms of the licence and other legal and formal requirements.

The document also includes 17 annexes.  These annexes include, inter alia: relevant legislation; interconnection guidelines; the RTS subsidy proposal form; an application for spectrum; a draft licence; excerpts from the World Bank Procurement Guidelines; a map of Nepal; the existing tariff of NTC; the national numbering plan; and a tariff guideline.




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