Hong Kong, China- Liberalization of Fixed Networks Consultation Document- 2001

The Hong Kong Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) issued the attached consultation paper in October 2001. In this consultation paper, OFTA solicited comments about proposed plans for the liberalization of the local and external fixed telecommunications network services (FTNS) markets. OFTA was particularly interested in receiving comments concerning a number of implementation arrangements related to the liberalization of the FTNS markets.

The consultation document includes information about the following:

  1. Background information, including a description of the current infrastructure, regulatory principles, new licensing regime and performance commitments.
  1. Facilitation of the roll-out of new local fixed wireline-based networks, including details of preparatory work, business planning and timelines.
  1. Rights granted to licensees pursuant to the telecommunications legislation.   The rights in question related to building access and interconnection guidelines.  
  1. Modification of the licences of existing external FTNS and local wireless FTNS operators.  The modifications would expand the scope of services that external FTNS and local wireless FTNS operators are permitted to offer in order to allow such operators to operate local fixed wireline-based networks.
  1. A request for comments on the facilitation of the rollout of new local fixed wireline-based networks; the rights granted to licensees; and the modification of licences.

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