The Jamaican Licensing Process


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The following summary of the Telecommunications Act, 2000 is partially adapted from the Jamaican Office of Utilities Regulation web site, which is available at: 



Telecommunications Act, 2000


“The Telecommunications Act, 2000 (The Act) provides for the Office of Utilities Regulation (the Office) to receive and process applications for a licence and make recommendations to the Minister [of Commerce and Technology] in relation to the application. These procedures set out the process by which the Office will solicit and process applications for licenses to be issued under the Act.”[1]  Each applicant will be considered in light of the Minister’s directive specifying the number and type of licences to be issued.


Upon receipt of a licence application, section 10(2)(1)(a) of the Act requires that the Office publish a notice of application in a daily national newspaper and allow interested parties 30 days to submit their comments.


The Office is responsible for evaluating the application to determine eligibility.  It then makes a recommendation to the Minister based on this evaluation.  The Minister may grant the licence, refer the recommendation back to the Office for further consideration or refuse (with documented reasons) the application for licence.



[1] Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), online:

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