South Africa- Mobile Cellular Licence- 2002

This document is an example of a licence granted by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (“ICASA”) for the provision of national mobile cellular telecommunication service in South Africa.

The licence is a 45 page document, which includes three schedules.  The licence addresses, among other things,  the following issues:

·                    licence fees;

·                    community service obligations;

·                    licence term;

·                    interconnection;

·                    emergency services obligations;

·                    tariffs and fees;

·                    numbering arrangements;

·                    frequency assignment;

·                    customer service standards;

·                    a performance guarantee; and

·                    licence revocation.

Included in the schedules are an implementation timetable, a community service telephone timetable, a list of the communities included in the community service telephone roll-out and a tariff schedule.


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