Canada – Licence Fees Regulations

The Canadian Telecommunications Fees Regulations (the “Regulations”) set out the fees that are payable by Canadian telecommunications service providers.  The fees collected pursuant to this regulation are directed solely towards covering the administrative and other program costs of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the “CRTC”) that are related to the Commission’s Telecommunications Activity.  The fees outlined in the Regulations do not cover the charges levied against all Canadian telecommunications service providers under the Canadian contribution (universal service) regime.


According to the Regulations, Canadian carriers for which tariffs are filed with the CRTC must pay fees to the CRTC upon the receipt of an invoice from the Commission.  The fee amount payable is calculated according to the following formula:




4(1)  The annual telecommunications fee payable by a Canadian carrier…shall be calculated by the Commission by multiplying the total amount to be recovered by the Commission in respect of its current fiscal year through telecommunications fees by the ration of the Canadian carrier’s operating revenues, derived from the provision of telecommunications services and reported in that Canadian carrier’s most recent annual financial statements, to the aggregate of such operating revenues of all the Canadian carriers [for which tariffs are on file with the Commission].

(Section 4(1) of the Canadian Telecommunications Fees Regulations)


(Section 4(1) of the Canadian Telecommunications Fees Regulations)




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