Jordan – Mobile Operator Licence Consultation




In 2003, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (“TRC”) initiated a public consultation to consider the possibility of issuing a new mobile operator licence in Jordan.  The details concerning the public consultation were largely contained in a document issued by the TRC entitled, “Notice Requesting Public Comment on the Licensing of a New Mobile Operator in Jordan” (the “Notice”).  A link to this document is set out below.

In the Notice, the TRC requested input from interested parties on the procedures and processes to be used to award a mobile wireless operator’s licence.  The TRC also outlined the purpose of the Notice and provided background information concerning the liberalization of the Jordanian mobile services sector.

The scope of the public consultation was broad.  In the Notice, the TRC invited comments on any issue that an interested party deemed relevant to the licensing of the mobile sub-sector operator in general and to the licensing of the new mobile operator in particular.  The TRC also requested comments concerning a variety of specific issues that were outlined in the Notice.  These issues include, inter alia:

·                    the appropriate number of licenses;

·                    technology neutrality;

·                    spectrum allocation;

·                    service roll-out requirements;

·                    interconnection;

·                    state of the art technology requirements;

·                    spectrum licence tariff;

·                    the term of the licence;

·                    exclusivity;

·                    mobile number portability;

·                    infrastructure sharing;

·                    national roaming;

·                    the tender process;

·                    possible pre-qualification requirements; and

·                    the timetable of the licensing process.




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