Saudi Arabia – Data Services Licensing Consultation



The Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia (the “CITC”) conducted a public consultation regarding the licensing of data telecommunications services in 2003.  The CITC published “Licensing of Data Telecommunications Services:  A Public Consultation Document” as a guide to this consultation.  A link to this document is set out below.

The CITC requested input on the procedure that should be used to licence data telecommunications services and the conditions that should be attached to data telecommunications services licences.  In the guide to the public consultation, the CITC provided an overview of the telecommunications licensing and regulatory framework in Saudi Arabia.  It then set out a number of questions and invited responses and comments from a variety of sector stakeholders.  The guide to the public consultation also provided instructions about the form of response.

The guide to the public consultation canvassed a number of issues related to the licensing of data telecommunications services licensing, including:

·                    the number of data telecommunications licences to be issued;
·                    the licensing of value-added resellers;
·                    the scope of services to be licensed;
·                    national and international facilities requirements;
·                    interconnection;
·                    infrastructure sharing and co-location;
·                    network roll-out obligations;
·                    tariff regulations;
·                    service obligations;
·                    radio spectrum requirements;
·                    telecommunications equipment approval;
·                    licensing and other fees;
·                    the licensing process; and
·                    the licensing schedule.



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