India – Unified Licensing Regime Consultation Paper




The following public consultation paper was released in conjunction with a public consultation in India concerning the development of a service and technology-neutral licensing regime (the “unified licensing regime”).  This public consultation was conducted by the Indian telecommunications regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”).  This public consultation paper was released in March 2004.

This public consultation paper, formally entitled “Consultation Paper on Unified Licensing Regime”, was the second consultation paper issued during the public consultation on a unified licensing regime.  It was based in part on comments received from various stakeholders on a preliminary consultation paper. 

The public consultation paper is divided into six chapters.  The first five chapters outline a number of topics, including: 

  1.  Background information, including an overview of the process leading to the establishment of the new licensing regime;
  2. Key objectives and framework of the new licensing regime;
  3. Registration charges, entry fees and authorisation charges;
  4.  Service area of licensees; and
  5.   Other licensing terms and conditions related to, inter alia, interconnection, spectrum charges, numbering, sharing of infrastructure and resale of services.

The first five chapters provide a background to the issues that are raised for consideration in the public consultation.  Some of the chapters include information about international practices, as well as summaries of some of the comments received from during the preliminary stage of the consultation.  More information about international practices and the comments received during the preliminary stage of the consultation are contained in the Annexures to the public consultation document.

The sixth chapter of the public consultation paper sets out a number of questions related to the issues surveyed in the first five chapters.   Interested stakeholders are invited to provide written submissions on the issues raised for consideration in this chapter.  Some of the questions contained in Chapter 6 are narrow (e.g., “Should migration to the Unified Licensing Regime be optional or compulsory?”), while others invite a broader discussion (e.g., “What should be the approach to interconnection for niche operators?”).   Chapter 6 concludes with a general invitation to submit comments on any other related matter that should be considered prior to finalizing the Unified Licensing Regime. 


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