France- 3G Licensing Consultation Document- 1999



The following document was released in conjunction with a public consultation concerning the introduction of Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) service in France.  The consultation was conducted by L’Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications République Française (the “ART”) in 1999.

The document consists of two parts, reflecting the dual purpose of the document.

·    Part 1 – What are the implications of UMTS? - In this Part, the ART poses various questions about the implications of UMTS and invites comments from various stakeholders in the telecommunications sector.


·  Part 2 – UMTS Licensing Terms and Conditions - This Part deals with the practicalities of preparing to award UMTS licences.  The ART presents various proposals for comment by telecommunications stakeholders in relation to the following issues:


(i) a licensing timetable;

(ii) spectrum resources per UMTS operator and the number of licences to be issued;

(iii) selection of UMTS operators; and

(iv)  UMTS licensing terms and conditions.




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