Belgium – Public Consultation on Mobile Telephony- 1999





In 1999, the Belgian regulator, the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT), published the attached document in connection with the initiation of a public consultation concerning 3G (or UMTS) mobile telephony.  The formal name of the document is “Evolution of the Mobile Telephony Market Towards the Third Generation:  Procedure of Public Consultation”.


The public consultation was initiated in light of the introduction of 3G networks and services in Belgium.  It focused on the regulatory framework that would govern the operation of 3G networks and the provision of 3G services.  As such, the scope of the consultation was broad, and touched upon issues relating to market structure (how many licences to issue), terms and conditions of licence, licence fees, scope of the licence, and the process of issuing 3G licences.


The consultation paper is divided into three sections, namely, the services that will be provided by 3G networks; the technical aspects of 3G systems; and licensing matters, including possible licence conditions and the selection procedures that should be applied in 3G licensing processes.   It also contains a brief introduction and some background information related to the introduction of 3G telecommunications systems to Belgium.

With respect to the procedure for issuing UMTS/3G licences, the BIPT invited comments with respect to, inter alia, the following issues:

·                    number of licences and their scope;

·                    fair competition between all operators;

·                    content and period of validity of UMTS licences;

·                    minimum service quality requirements;

·                    coverage of the territory of the UMTS network;

·                    agenda for implementation of UMTS services;

·                    procedure for granting UMTS licences;

·                    concession fees;

·                    interdependence of the operators; and

·                    the possible introduction of an additional GSM operator in Belgium.






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