Jordan- Pre-qualification Notice for 3rd Mobile Licence- 2003


This document sets out the pre-qualification requirements for participating in the licensing process for the issuance of a licence to build, own, and operate a public mobile telecommunications network and to provide public mobile telecommunications services in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The document outlines the following:

  1.  Prequalification Submission Procedures, including information about the required structure and format of pre-qualification submissions, the language to be used in the submissions, the number of copies to be submitted, the pre-qualification fee, and required reporting of the corporate structure of the applicants.
  2. Submission Requirements, including information about who is eligible to apply for the licence and the pre-qualification criteria relating to organizational, technical, and financial capabilities.
  3. Evaluation Procedures for review of pre-qualification submissions and the announcement of successful pre-qualified applicants.

The document also includes a prescribed cover letter to be used when submitting the pre-qualification application and a prescribed declaration attesting to the past regulatory compliance of the applicant.


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