Switzerland - Invitation to Tender for GSM Licences - 2003

In 2003, the Swiss regulatory authority issued an invitation to tender for three national radio licenses for the provision of telecommunications services in Switzerland based on the GSM Standard.  The tender process related to this invitation features a merit-based comparative evaluation.  The document contains the type of information that is typically included in invitations to tender, as well a description of the merit-based evaluation that will be applied in the tendering process.

This invitation to tender outlines, among other things, the following:

  1. Introduction, which details the general nature of the tender, the awarding authority and procedure, as well as the tendering process timeline. 
  2. Frequency, including information about the frequencies to be allocated, preference frequencies for frontier regions, and conditions for the use of frequencies close to national frontiers.
  3. Licensing information, including a description of the duration of licences, obligations, standards and co-use sites.  This section also provides details about licensing fees.  A specimen licence is included as an appendix to the document.
  4. Terms and conditions for participation in the public invitation to tender, including basic logistical information about who can participate, as well as contact information for any questions a potential participant may have.
  5. Procedure for the evaluation of bids, including details about the two-step process used by the agency for the award of licence.  Applicants (candidates) must first demonstrate their compliance with the conditions for the award of a licence (prequalification).  A formal weighted assessment of qualification criteria follows.
  6. Candidate dossier, including details about the information that candidates must provide in the application.  The information that must be provided is fairly comprehensive, with deliverables ranging from technical capabilities to business plans.

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