Belgium –3G Licensing Process Schedule

Belgium published an Information Memorandum in connection with the proposed allocation of spectrum for Third Generation (3G) mobile services by auction.  (A link to this Information Memorandum is set out below.) Included at page 25 of the document is an outline of the timeframe for the issuance of licences.

While examples from other jurisdictions have outlined “hard dates” for the completion of the various phases involved in issuing a licence, this is an example of a timetable with a less precise approach to the setting of deadlines.  That is, a mix of general and relative time periods, as opposed to hard dates, are outlined (e.g. “End of December 2000”, “Mid January 2001” and “2 weeks after the Submission of Applications”).  The timetable covers a period of approximately 3 months. 

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Belgium -- Third Generation Spectrum Auction Information Memorandum


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