CEPT is composed of policy-makers and regulators. With its 45 Member States, CEPT now covers almost the entire geographical area of Europe.  The roles and purposes of CEPT include, inter alia:

  • establishing a European forum for discussions on sovereign and regulatory issues in the field of post and telecommunications issues;
  • providing mutual assistance among members with regard to the settlement of sovereign/regulatory issues;
  • exerting an influence on the goals and priorities in the field of European Post and Telecommunications through common positions;
  • strengthening and fostering more intensively co-operation with Eastern and Central European countries;
  • promoting and facilitating relations between European regulators (e.g. through personal contacts);
  • influencing, through common positions, developments within ITU and UPU in accordance with European goals;
  • settling common problems.

The CEPT deals exclusively with sovereign issues and regulatory matters.  It has established three committees, one on postal matters, CERP (Comite European de Reglementation Postale) and two on telecommunications issues:  ERC (European Radiocommunications Committee) and ECTRA (European Committee for Regulatory Telecommunications Affairs). The field of responsibility for each committee is decided by CEPT's Plenary Assembly, while each committee establishes its own rules of procedure and elects its chairman.

The committees handle harmonization activities within their respective fields of responsibility and adopt recommendations and decisions. These recommendations and decisions are normally prepared by their working groups and project teams.

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