Ofcom - Spectrum Usage Rights: A guide for describing SURs

Summary from the Guide

“1.27 We believe that SURs offer a number of advantages over other licensing methods in that they directly control the interference caused, rather than indirectly as is currently achieved. This provides greater certainty to investors that the networks they deploy will not suffer interference problems in the future while still providing the flexibility to change usage. However, as a result, they are somewhat more complex to set and verify than the current mask-based approach.

1.28 We have shown how we might initially set the SUR terms, how we would verify that these were being met in practice and how they might be modified by licence holders if needed. While there is inevitably a degree of complexity associated with these processes, it seems that many can be automated within modelling tools such that validation can readily and quickly occur.

1.29 SURs were used in the L-Band auction in May 2008. We will offer them as an alternative in forthcoming auctions. We will also allow licence holders with conventional licences to change the terms of their licence to an SUR if they wish to do so.

1.30 The remainder of this document describes all these issues in more detail.”


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