Spectrum Audit: United States - 2003

The following is an example of spectrum audit conducted by the FCC in 2003 to verify licensed operators in the 220 MHz band on a national basis.

The 220 MHz licenses included in this audit were site-specific licenses, authorized under Phase I of 220 MHz licensing, and are in the following radio services:

  • 220 MHz non-nationwide 5-channel trunked systems (FCC Radio Service Code QT)
  • 220 MHz non-nationwide data (FCC Radio Service Code QD)
  • 220 MHz non-nationwide other (FCC Radio Service Code QO)

This audit did not affect geographic-area licenses granted following the 220 MHz auctions or 220 MHz licenses authorized for public safety, mutual aid, or emergency medical services.

During the week of May 12, 2003, The FCC Wireless Telecommunication Bureau (WTB) mailed audit letters to all licensees in the QT, QO, and QD radio services at their address of record in the Universal Licensing System. Licensees were directed to respond by June 13, 2003. During the week of July 7, 2003, WTB mailed a second audit letter and notice of cancellation to all licensees who did not respond to the first correspondence. Licensees had 30 days from the date on the second audit letter and notice of cancellation to respond to the license audit. The response options were limited to "operational" or "cancel".

For a call sign, licensees were required to respond by confirming that all stations under a call sign were (1) operational, i.e., they had not discontinued operations for a period of one year or more, or (2) they discontinued operations for a period of one year or more and, therefore, the license cancelled automatically. To respond for a specific location or discrete frequency under a call sign, the response options were the same as for a call sign; "operational" or “cancel".

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