New Zealand - Creation of Management Rights in the Broadcast and IMT Bands - 1999

Management rights were created in the spectrum band from 100-108 MHz in the late 1990s. Existing radio licensees in this band were not eligible for transitional rights. However, the Ministry provided for a 10 year transition plan for existing licensees and ensured that replacement bands were available. These licensees were free to migrate how they saw fit within 10 years, so that the cost of their relocation could be absorbed into their capital baselines via depreciation. The majority of the displaced licensees were land mobile operators and their customers, who had to bear the cost of equipment changes.

Management rights were created in the 2 GHz band in 1999. The Ministry recognised that, should a current licensee fail to acquire the necessary spectrum licences at auction, there should be a reasonable amount of time allowing them to vacate the band and make alternative arrangements for the carriage of their service. Accordingly, the Ministry offered fixed term licences to licensees who did not qualify for transitional rights under the Radiocommunications Act. The offer provided licensees with an option to choose a licence of one to three years duration with payment for administrative costs and resource rental. The Ministry also provided an alternative band to accommodate displaced licensees.

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