ITU Radio Regulation 5.150 - ISM Bands

ISM bands include ITU Radio Regulation 5.150 unlicensed bands and bands allocated for low power devices. Lower power device frequencies refer to a whole range of frequencies from 160 KHz. to 10.55 GHz The International Table of Frequency Allocations, which is contained in Article 5 of the Radio Regulations (Volume 1), specifies some frequency bands that may be made available for ISM applications. Exempt Bands identified in RR Nos. 5.150 for Region II are reproduced below:

-          13553-13567 kHz (centre frequency 13560 kHz),

-          26957-27283 kHz (centre frequency 27120 kHz),

-          40.66-40.70 MHz (centre frequency 40.68 MHz),

-          902-928 MHz in Region 2 (centre frequency 915 MHz),

-          2400-2500 MHz (centre frequency 2450 MHz),

-          5725-5875 MHz (centre frequency 5800 MHz), and

-          24-24.25 GHz (centre frequency 24.125 GHz)

These are also designated for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications. Radiocommunication services operating within these bands must accept harmful interference, which may be caused by these applications. ISM equipment operating in these bands is subject to the provisions of RR No. 15.13.

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