The Loband web interface

Loband simplifies web pages by filtering out images and other bandwidth-intensive content from them so that they can be received faster over slow Internet connections. Users can use Loband without downloading any programs to their computers.

Users start to browse through Loband by typing the web page address of Loband into their web browsers to obtain the Loband home page. When users are browsing through Loband, a grey bar is displayed at the top of each web page; to browse different pages, users simply type the web page addresses into that grey bar instead of into the main address bar of their web browsers.

The text on a web page viewed through Loband is the same as on the original web page. The format of a web page viewed through Loband is as similar to the original as possible, with colours and images removed. The images are replaced by links; users can display them by clicking on the links. On some web pages things are positioned differently from the original web pages. 

Not all web pages work properly through Loband; in particular, most web pages for email and secure shopping do not.

The Loband server program provides:

  • Simplification and compression of web pages to reduce bandwidth requirements.
  • Modification of web pages to make links on them work through Loband.

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