Outline for manual of operating procedures for UASF

The following is a table of contents used for the Manual of Operating Procedures for several countries, including Mongolia, Uganda, Mozambique and Burkina Faso. The precise structure may vary from country to country.

  1. Introduction & objectives
  2. Theoretical foundation & key principles of the Universal Access and Service Fund (UASF)
  • Theoretical foundation: Different access gaps
  • The country’s rural situation
  • Key principles
  1. Universal Access definitions and targets
  • Definitions
  • Specific Universal Access targets
  1. Overview of programme and sources of finance
  • The investment programme
  • The available resources from operator levies
  • Year by year requirements
  • Pilot projects
  1. Governance, management & administration of the UASF
  • General constitution, roles & functions
  • UASF Board
  • Personnel of the UASF management unit / Department within Regulator
  • Outsourcing
  • Consultants to the UASF management unit
  • Financial management
  • Auditing, quarterly and annual reports
  • Evaluation of the UASF and its programme
  1. Programme development & project selection criteria
  • The programme
  • General principles of project selection & prioritisation
  • Subsidy strategy & calculation methodology
  • Socio-economic calculation
  • Project prioritisation
  1. Tendering projects & selection of recipients
  • General
  • Pilot funding procedures
  • Type 1: Tendering procedure for major public access and service projects
  • Type 2: Tendering procedure for small scale projects (business plan submission)
  1. Subsidy disbursement procedures
  • General
  • Type 1: Access network projects
  • Type 2: Public access centres and school ICT projects
  1. Role of Regulator in UAS regulation
  • General licence conditions
  • Asymmetric interconnection: Special rural terminating rates
  • Numbering plan
  • Customer tariffs
  • Radio frequency issues
  • Local community participation in public access phone development
  • Public access telephone and Internet PAC management training
  • Performance monitoring, penalties & enforcement

ANNEX A:    Type 1 Tender – RFP & Service Agreement sample contract
ANNEX B:    Type 2 Tender – Sample business plan format

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