Nigeria – Qualification Criteria for Unified Access Service Licences Applicable to Existing Licensees

There is no limit at present on the number of Unified Access Service Licences (UASLs) that may be issued in Nigeria. In order to be eligible for a UASL, existing licensees must meet the following criteria:

• Have an existing and operating network infrastructure;
• Have a customer base of at least 10,000 connected subscribers or justifiable evidence of the financial capability for substantial network rollout;
• Must be up to date on the payment of all fees and charges owed to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), including, for example, Annual Operating Levy (AOL), spectrum fees, and numbering fees;
• Must be up to date on the submission of annual audited accounts;
• Must be up to date on the payment of company tax;
• Must be up to date on equipment type approval; and
• Must be up to date in the settlement of all interconnection obligations.

Source: Nigerian Communications Commission, “Licensing Framework for Unified Access Service in Nigeria”, online:

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