Check-list for implementing spectrum markets

A summary of steps to be taken to introduce spectrum trading.

  1. The rights and obligations associated with a tradable licence are sufficiently clear, in relation to such things as duration, area and interference restrictions that buyers know they are getting.
  2. Where the licensee can change the use to which the spectrum is put there must be a suitable regime in place to regulate interference (e.g. one which limits emissions at the boundary) to protect other licensees from changes.
  3. Potential traders must be able to acquire information from a public register about adjacent licensees (those in neighbouring areas or bandwidths).  This is necessary to allow them to evaluate the consequences of their trades accurately.
  4. To reduce transactions costs, there must be a simple and clear procedure from registering licensee changes with the spectrum regulator.
  5. Procedures for scrutiny and reaction by the regulator responses must be in place to prevent or avert the consequences of trades which confer high levels of market power on firms acquiring licenses.

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