Capacity Assessment Grids

Capacity assessments tools have been developed to aid policy makers and planners in assessing strategies for development of organizational capacity. Although much of the work has been done in connection with ICT For Development (ICT4Dev), there is applicability to developing capacity within Spectrum Management Organization. For a review of the applicabilityof Capacity Assessment Tools and a full discussion of the topic see


Example: Capacity Assessment Grid - McKinsey

The McKinsey Capacity Assessment Grid was designed as a tool to help non profit organizations assess their organizational capacity. The grid can be used in conjunction with the developing an overall framework for organization and training development which in the case of this particular tool includes seven elements of organizational capacity.

  1. Aspirations - what are the vision and goals of the organization, unit, etc?
  2. Strategy - what are the choices in structure, function and approach?
  3. Organization Skills - what skills are essential given the vision and strategy?
  4. Human Resources - what are the HR strategies - recruiting, retention, compensation, development, etc?
  5. Information Systems - what systems are needed to perform and support tasks?
  6. Organizational Structure - what are the choices - centralized, distributed, hierarchical, work groups?
  7. Culture - is there a necessary culture? 

The grid asks the reader to score the organization on each element of organizational capacity, by selecting the text that best describes the organization's current status or performance. The framework and the descriptions in the grid were developed based on McKinsey’s collective experience as well as the input of many non-profit experts and practitioners.

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