Table 4-8: Licensing in Malaysia [4.5.3]

Licences under the old regime1

Licensing under the new regime

Licensing Category

Individual Licence

Class Licence


  1. Domestic Network Operators
  2. International Network Operators
  3. Mobile/ Personal Communications Services
  4. CT2 / Telepoint Service
  5. Financial Electronic Transaction
  6. Paging Services
  7. Trunk Radio System
  8. Radio Maritime Service
  9. Mobile Satellite Services
  10. Telecommunications Satellite Network Services
  11. Very Small Aperture Terminal Services
  12. Radio Location Services
  13. Satellite Broadcasting Services
  14. Mobile Data Services
  15. Mobile Radiocommuni-cations Services
  16. Private Information Services
  17. Public Electronic Data Interchange Services
  18. Value Added Network Data Services
  19. Value Added Services (Premium Rate)
  20. Telecommunications Personal Services
  21. Public Internet Kiosk Services
  22. Internet Service Providers
  23. Power Line Carriers
  24. Payphone & Public Facsimile Services
  25. Wireless Video Communications Network
  26. Private Telecommunications Network
  27. Common Subscriber Directory Services
  28. Community Interactive Multimedia Services
  29. Amateur Satellite
  30. Broadcasters Radio
  31. Broadcasters Television

Network Facility Provider

Earth Stations
Fixed links and cables
Public payphone facilities
Radiocommunications transmitters and links
Satellite hubs
Satellite control station
Space station
Submarine cable landing centre
Switching centre
Towers, poles, ducts and pits used in conjunction with other network facilities

Niche or limited purpose network facilities

Broadcasting and production studios
Incidental network facilities
Private network facilities

Network Service Provider

Bandwidth services
Broadcasting distribution services
Mobile services
Access applications service
Space service

Niche customer access
Niche connection service

Incidental network services
LAN services
Private network services

Applications Service Provider

Public mobile services
IP telephony
Public payphone service
Public switched data service

Audiotext hosting services provided on an opt-in basis
Directory services
Internet access services
Messaging services

Electronic transaction service
Interactive transaction service
Networked advertising boards and Cineplex
Web hosting or client server

Content Applications Service Provider

Satellite broadcasting subscription
Terrestrial free to air TV
Terrestrial radio broadcasting

Not issued

Internet content applications services


1 Source: Adapted from MCMC.

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