Switzerland- Public Invitation to Tender for Radio Licences for the Provision of Telecommunications Services Based on the GSM Standard

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Qualification Criterion The Invitation states that the qualification criterion is designed to ensure that the financing for the project submitted by the bidder has been secured for the term of licence, based on the commercial and technical planning.  The Invitation states that the licensing authority will regard this qualification criterion to be fulfilled if: the project is based on a consistent and realistic business plan; there is a consistent and realistic investment and financing plan for the project; and the financial means necessary for the realisation of the project are available or can be made available and this can be proven. Selection Criteria The Invitation identifies four selection criteria: Business and service plan: this criterion focuses on the quality of the business and service plan on the basis of a comprehensive market and risk analysis, as well as the risks facing the bidder with respect to the realisation of the project.  This criterion is weighted at twenty percent (20%). Technical concept and implementation: the Invitation states that with this criterion, "the licensing authority seeks to evaluate the way in which the planned project is to be implemented.  Under particular scrutiny here are the project organisation, planning process and scheduling, coverage schedules, the economic use of frequencies and the planned start for commercial service."  The Invitation notes that commitments made by a successful licence applicant in its application will be regarded as obligations of the licence.  This criterion is weighted at twenty percent (20%). Market stimulation and innovative strengths:  This criterion focuses on the influence that the implementation of the project will have on the Swiss mobile radio market and the extent to which stimulation of the entire market, or its sectors, can be expected.  In particular, the evaluation will focus on "the degree to which the requirements of new customers can be met, or the degree to which existing customers' requirements can be met in news ways...[in addition to] the influence on the market structure, the number of service offerings and the influence on price and product development.  Furthermore, the readiness and ability of the bidder to be innovative, as well as the innovative strengths of the proposed project, especially in the areas of technology, services and price models, will also be evaluated."  This criterion is weighted at fifty percent (50%). Coherence and plausibility of the project: This criterion focuses on the quality of the information supplied by the licence applicant.  The Invitation identifies the following elements as being the most important during the evaluation of individual criteria: internal and extenal coherence of the information; completeness, transparency and accuracy of the information supplied; plausibility of the information supplied; relevance of the selected assumptions and their foundation; and clarity in the presentation.  This criterion is weighted at ten percent (10%).

Published December 2004.

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