Estonia- Information Document of the Public Tender for Technical Authorisation of 3G Mobile Telephone Network

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This 3G tender information document includes, among other things, the following: A General Overview, including overviews of the relevant legislation and licences that have been issued by direct offer and the aim of the public tender.  Qualification Requirements, including an outline of the information required to be submitted in an application.  The licence fee is also stipulated. Qualification Process, including a time line for the process and a description of the various rules applicable at different stages of the process. The tender information document also includes sixteen annexes (not attached to this document), some of which are examples of various licence and application types.  Also included in the annexes is information about the procedure for conducting the public tender for technical authorization of a 3G mobile telephone network, various formulae for the calculation of state fees, and a copy of the Notice of the Announcement of Public Tender.

Published December 2004.

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