RSPG Report on cognitive technologies

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Radio applications may apply cognitive technologies, such cognitive radios have the potential to play an important role, not only in increasing the efficiency of spectrum usage by offering new sharing opportunities, but also in providing more versatility and flexibility to applications as a result of their ability to adapt their operations to external factors. In the longer term cognitive radio technologies may play a fundamental role in the shift from static spectrum management to dynamic spectrum management and access. Many aspects of cognitive radio technologies, including the business models, are still unclear. This report has the objective to inform policy makers in Europe as early as possible of the discussions and challenges raised by cognitive technologies. This report: • Defines and explains the terminology used (i.e. Cognitive Radio systems, Software Defined Radio, etc); • Provides an overview of various components of cognitive radio technologies (sensing the environment, information gathering, databases, cognitive pilot channel, learning capabilities, etc.) and a brief overview of the experiences and lessons in Europe and elsewhere with (pre-)cognitive technologies; • Provides insight in the way in which cognitive radio technologies could operate in some models for spectrum management; • Briefly summarises (as requested in the RSPG Work Programme) the USA framework for ‘white spaces’ including the differences in the USA and EU regulatory framework, and possible actions to ensure timely regulatory responses in the EU; • Identifies the challenging issues which require further attention.

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