Finland -- Regulation: 2500-2690 MHZ SPECTRUM AUCTION

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This Regulation sets out the process and procedures governing the 2009 2500-2950 MHz spectrum auction in Finland.  This auction was a simultaneous multiple-round auction in which all 15 frequency blocks were auctioned at the same time.  The auction featured an activity rule and also provided each bidder with the right to waive participation in three rounds without losing eligibilty points.  Bids for the auction were placed on an electronic auction system accessible over the Internet. In addition to providing information about the process and procedures appliable to the auction for the 2500-2960 MHz frequency, this Regulation also provides information about related matters.  These matters include, for example, the registration period, contact person requirements, and the spectrum blocks available and their usage restrictions. This Regulation should be read in conjunction with the Explanatory  Memorandum about the auction, which was issued by the Finnish regulator, FICORA. Note that this English version of the Regulation is not an official translation.

By Finland -- FICORA. Published March 2010.

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