Nigeria: Numbering Regulations 2007

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The following is an excerpt from the Nigerian Numbering Regulations: Part I – Scope and Operation 1. These Regulations are made to provide a regulatory framework for the control, planning, administration, management and assignment of Numbers, pursuant to Section 128(1) of the Act. In particular, they set out the rules for the assignment, transfer, porting and use of Numbers under the national numbering and electronic addressing plan, pursuant to Section 128(3) of the Act. For the avoidance of doubt, in these Regulations: (a) Telephone numbers and short codes are Numbers; and (b) IP addresses and domain names are not Numbers. Scope of the Regulations 2. These Regulations are intended to promote investment, facilitate competition and protect customers by ensuring that: (a) Numbers are understood to be national resources that are not owned by customers or Licensees; (b) Numbers can be assigned efficiently, quickly, transparently and fairly, without undue discrimination against particular customer classes, Licensee types and communications technologies; (c) Shortages of Numbers can be predicted and prevented in timely ways; and (d) Uses of Numbers can be monitored and controlled to avoid detriment to the interests of customers. Objectives of the Regulations 3. These Regulations include a Schedule that illustrates by examples Numbers and Blocks as defined in Regulation 52.

By Nigeria. Published January 2010.

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