Nigeria -- Information Memorandum: 800 MHz Spectrum Auction

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This Information Memorandum provides key information about the auction of three frequency licences in the 800 Mhz range. The licensing process featured a pre-qualification stage.  The auction portion of the process involved two phases.  The first phase was a simultaneous, multiple round auction.  The top bidders after the completion of bidding in Phase 1 were eligible to participate in Phase 2.  Phase 2 consisted of a sealed bid single round auction.  The winners of both auction were determined on the basis of the highest bid submitted for the licences. This Information Memorandum contains detailed information about a range of matters relevant to the licensing opportunity, including: the spectrum being offered; the reserve price for the frequency licence; tenure and renewal of the licence; the auction process; pre-qualification criteria; a timetable; auction rules; payment of the winning bid; and application instructions and applications content.  The Information Memorandum also includes the application forms and a pro forma version of the spectrum licence as appendices.

By Nigerian Communications Commission. Published August 2008.

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