Netherlands -- Notification of the provision of public electronic communications activities

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This document is the notification form that must be filed in order to provide public telecommunications services in the Netherlands.  This form outlines background information about the filing, including the legislative and regulatory basis for the filing; the registration and regulatory fees; an overview of the notification procedure; the requirement to notify the regulator of modifications in the information; and what the regulator does with the information provided in the filing. The notification form requires a variety of information, including, for example, basic contact information; identification of the services provided; identification of business name(s); information about how the services are provided (e.g., resale or own network facilities); details about network operations and services, if applicable; and information about annual turnover.  The notification form also lists a set of supporting documents that must be filed with the notification form.

By Netherlands Office of the Public Telecommunications Authority. Published August 2008.

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