OBA Working Paper Series

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 The Global Partnership on Output-BasedAid (GPOBA) is a multidonor trust fundadministered by the World Bank. Its purposeis to fund, demonstrate and documentoutput-based aid (OBA) approaches tosupport the sustainable delivery of basicservices to those least able to afford themand to those without access to such services.What is output-based aid? OBA is a strategyfor supporting the delivery of basic services—water, sanitation, electricity, telecommunications,transport, education, health care—where policy concerns would justify publicfunding to complement or replace user fees.How are OBA approaches applied? At thecore of OBA approaches is contracting outservice provision to a third party, usually aprivate firm, with payment of public fundingtied to the actual delivery of services.How can GPOBA help? GPOBA can assist inthe design and development of pilot OBAprojects, and can help identify and disseminateemerging knowledge on issues relatedto OBA approaches through studies,publications, workshops, and conferences.GPOBA can also contribute to the fundingof subsidized payments for the provision ofservices under OBA schemes.

By David Erhardt and Anna McKinley. Published .

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